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Find out why we are the top rated Boat Tour company in Florida. Our company has been featured on the news, magazines, and boat shows. When you're in search of Florida's premier attractions, look no further than Backwater Cat Adventure.

Who is Backwater Cat Adventure

Since our inception in 2016, Backwater Cat Adventure has embarked on an incredible journey, delighting over 30,000 customers. Navigating our meticulously crafted Backwater Cat boats through the captivating waterways of Amelia Island and Palm Coast, Florida promises an unforgettable experience. The raving testimonials on TripAdvisor speak volumes, guaranteeing you a fantastic day on the water with Backwater Cat Adventure. Since 2017, our unwavering commitment to safety has been showcased through countless successful trips, as we proudly utilize our exclusively designed Backwater Cat boats.

Our boats embody the perfect blend of speed, stability, exhilaration, and unparalleled safety. Often likened to waterborne go-karts, they provide a thrilling aquatic experience unlike any other. We consider it a true privilege to captivate individuals of all ages. Our boats serve as ideal vessels to immerse yourself in the rich history, natural splendor, and vibrant wildlife that grace the Florida waterways. Guided by experts who possess an intimate familiarity with these waters, your journey is guaranteed to be seamless. Waste no time in reserving your adventure, and soon you'll be echoing sentiments like "the highlight of our vacation" and "every penny was well spent." When you're in search of Florida's premier attractions, look no further than Backwater Cat Adventure.

Read A Few Testimonials

Awesome experience! The boats are easy to drive and fun. We took the longer 2.5 hour tour and saw the ponies and abandoned mansion. I would recommend the longer tour and a morning tour if it's hot out. We did stop at an island to explore and jump in the water. We had kids/teens with us and they liked it as well. This is one of the best outdoor adventures we've had.


Back Water Adventure is one of the best attractions on the Island. We enjoyed being able to skim across the waters around the island on a 2-man catamaran. Tom showed us how to operate the catamaran and then guided us while in his own watercraft. He was an excellent tour guide; taking us on a 30 mile excursion to explore areas we would never have seen otherwise. He knows the waterways like the back of his hand! The tour is about 2 1/2 hours long. Bring your camera and sunscreen and enjoy!


We went on the 2.5 hours guided trip starting at 2:30 PM. It was a perfect day with perfect weather. Our guide, Chris, was exceptional. He was very nice and knowledgeable. The boats are a blast to drive. We were able to see Dolphin, strand feeding in the marsh areas. That was awesome to see this learned behavior, where Dolphin herd groups of fish up into the grass and beach themselves whilst eating fish. We saw wild horses on Cumberland Island. We would highly recommend the trip to anyone. The 2.5 hours tour we think would be best.


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